1. Overseas expansion leads to new sources of revenue.

  2. Selling abroad leads to successful, sustainable, long-term growth.

  3. Companies that export become more productive, more innovative and more efficient than those that don’t.

  4. Research shows companies are more likely to survive a recession than those firms that don’t export.

  5. It provides you with a wider range of customers.

  6. It is a catalyst for innovation and inspiration – you’ll develop new ideas to meet the needs of your international customers, and gain a competitive advantage back home too.

  7. It’s not just about shipping products. Many of the most successful exporters are service businesses too.


Thanks to our partnership cooperation, we approach your brand as our own. It's because, as your partner, we are eminently interested in your products being sold to as many consumers as possible, to as many businesses as possible, listed by as many distributors as possible and available for sale through as many online shops as possible. We will assemble a high-performance team that will take care of your brand on a daily basis, ensure communication with distributors, end consumers, and other vendors.


Copywriters and marketers will be taking care of the brand building, social media, and paid advertising. From a commercial and legal point of view, all of the activities will be done through our own local companies that provide accounting, legal advice, or communication with local authorities and customers. In other words, we will secure everything necessary for successful sales in all markets.


To gain customers’ trust in the new brand, it is of utmost importance that a local company provide the selling, the customers are contacted through local phone numbers and in the native language, and the marketing is provided by specialists who understand them. To ensure this, in each country of operation, we operate a local company that presents itself to local customers as a seller and responsible person. Thanks to the effective combination of local representation in the individual markets and our centrally managed marketing and customer communication, we can achieve outstanding efficiency, speed, and cost-reduction.


Thanks to our multi-market operations, we can effectively copy-paste successful campaigns and sales strategies across countries, thus reducing costs and shortening the time it takes to achieve the expected profits from sales.

Selling a new brand in the new market begins almost exclusively with B2C - sales to the end consumers. B2C selling is necessary to create a certain level of brand awareness, to get feedback from the customers, and to demonstrate potential B2B buyers consumers' interest in your brand. We provide B2C sales almost exclusively through online stores that are created specifically for your brand. By default, several weeks after entering the market with a new brand, we will add B2B communication. Our customer support will communicate with distributors, chains and individual online and offline outlets. As soon as the brand is not entirely new to the market, B2B communication is much more effective and successful. In the next phase, we will continue to develop both channels, B2C and B2B simultaneously.

The goal is to achieve even better business results than you have obtained in the markets where you are already successfully established. All we need to reach these goals is our know-how, infrastructure, your own brand experience, and love for your brand!


An important factor in satisfying customer’s expectations is quick delivery of the product in both B2C and B2B. Our warehouses are spread across Europe in a way that allows delivery of the products to the customer within 24 hours of ordering.  


  • expansion across Europe with only minimal entry investment

  • significant expansion while preserving the brand’s identity

  • direct control over all decision-making

  • flexible with new products in your portfolio

  • tailor-made sales platforms

  • verified strategies

  • fast start and low-cost operation

  • instant availability of business teams

  • existing B2B contacts & B2C customers

  • own marketing apps and digital team

  • immediate entry to multiple market


1. Fast because we have systems and practices already in place.

Simple because we have the know-how.

3. Effective because most of the work is done in-house.

Results focused because we make money only when you do as our business model is win-win based.

Oriented on your brand. We won't let you get lost in the competition since we will develop a brand new stores for you. This way we build your brand awareness much faster since it won't be hidden in the crowd.

International because we will get you in multiple markets right from the start and will expand the market as we continue to grow.

With us, you will get the distributor and the vendor at the same time. Sales we are accomplishing with our current partners are, on average, 5 to 7 times higher than the standard model through distributors.

We're the ones that will build your business across multiple foreign markets!


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